Happy gas for nervous patients

We know sometimes you don’t want to come and visit us, and we promise - we don’t take it personally. We have a lot of nervous patients who find it hard to get to the dentist including those with a phobia about dental treatment. A fear of the dentist is surprisingly common and while we can’t take away your anxiety, we do have solutions to get the dental treatment you need. At Warragul Dental Care we offer nitrous oxide, or happy gas, to relax your nerves and make dental treatment feel like a walk in the park. We've treated a...

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What is fluoride and why do I need it?

Braces at Warragul Dental Care

Each time you pick up a toothpaste tube or go to the dentist, you’re surrounded by this thing called ‘fluoride’. It sounds pretty important, and it’s definitely hard to spell. So what is it? Well, fluoride is actually a naturally occurring compound that can be found in plants, rocks and at very low levels in almost all fresh water. Fluoride is important for teeth because it helps prevent the dreaded tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when acid destroys the outer surface of the tooth. The acid is produced by bacteria in the mouth and caused by consuming food and drinks...

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