How to get rid of cold sores. Forever.

How to get rid of cold sores at Warragul Dental Care

Ever noticed how cold sores appear at the worst time possible? Before a big event, a birthday, a holiday or a first date. It’s like they know you need to be on your absolute best and are determined to embarrass you! So how do you stop cold sores from appearing, and how do you stop them coming back? At Warragul Dental Care we have a secret weapon that’s quick, painless and super effective. What are cold sores? I know what you’re thinking, stop explaining what they are and tell me how to prevent them. But bear with us. It’s handy...

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Six easy dental New Year’s Resolutions

New year dental resolutions to keep your teeth strong and healthy

New year, new you? Nah, we like the old you! But there are a few tricks you can bring into your everyday life that we guarantee will keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong into 2019 and beyond. We’ve put our collective brains together and come up with 6 easy, cost effective resolutions that you can start doing today.  Give them a try and let us know how you get on. Drink more water Yes, that’s it. Just drink more water! It’s cost-effective and simple. Water is your friend, cherish it, nourish it and most of all, drink it! It's...

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Healthy teeth and gums during pregnancy

How to keep healthy teeth while pregnant

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. You’ve read the books, Grandma is busy knitting teeny tiny booties and you’ve booked all your Doctor’s appointments. But what about your teeth? Not many people realise how pregnancy affects the health of your teeth and why it’s so important to visit your friendly Dentist while you’re busy growing your lil’ bub. The pregnancy myths First, let’s bust open a myth. You don’t need to see the Dentist during pregnancy because your little bump is stealing your calcium! A lot of people believe the unborn bub is sucking away your calcium, which affects the health of your...

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What is fluoride and why do I need it?

Braces at Warragul Dental Care

Each time you pick up a toothpaste tube or go to the dentist, you’re surrounded by this thing called ‘fluoride’. It sounds pretty important, and it’s definitely hard to spell. So what is it? Well, fluoride is actually a naturally occurring compound that can be found in plants, rocks and at very low levels in almost all fresh water. Fluoride is important for teeth because it helps prevent the dreaded tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when acid destroys the outer surface of the tooth. The acid is produced by bacteria in the mouth and caused by consuming food and drinks...

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