Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring – Enjoy Invisalign Appointments From Home

There’s no need to come in and see us for progress checks anymore. You can enjoy virtual dental appointments from the comfort of your own home with our advanced dental monitoring technology.

With most Invisalign providers you need to come in for appointments every 4 – 6 weeks, but here at Warragul Dental Care we can monitor your progress from home more often and with more convenience.

Magic in a box. This is all you need to enjoy the freedom of appointments from home.

How dental monitoring works:

  1. You receive your Dental Monitoring scan box when you start your Invisalign journey. One of our team will show you how to use it with the phone app
  2. Go home and relax
  3. You’ll be notified of when to send us a scan, usually every 4-7 days
  4. The phone app will talk you through how to do your scan
  5. Use your scan box to scan your mouth and teeth from the comfort of your home and send us the data through the secure app
  6. Sit down and relax
  7. The AI technology scans the information and passes it through a series of tests which alert Dr Anand to any changes
  8. Dr Anand reviews the data and takes the appropriate action
  9. Relax


Closer monitoring of your progress – we check your teeth every 4-7


More frequent adjustments, so you move through sets of aligners quicker


Reduced treatment time


More frequent checks of your gum health and brushing


Fewer appointments to save you time


Makes Invisalign easy, even if you live far away

At Warragul Dental Care we make life easier for you. To enjoy a quick, convenient Invisalign journey with brilliant results, get in touch today.