Happy gas for children

If your child nervous about the Dentist?

If so, you might have wondered if happy gas is safe for children.

Here’s everything you need to know about children and happy gas at Warragul Dental Care. 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more important than your kids. We know you’ll do anything to keep them happy, safe and healthy.

That’s why we use happy gas, or laughing gas, to help nervous children get the dental work they need.

Happy gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is a mild sedative that helps reduce anxiety and discomfort during your child’s dental treatment. It’s a great solution for children that are nervous about opening their mouth for the Dentist but who need urgent work to prevent serious issues or a routine check-up..

The gas, which we administer through the nose using a nosepiece, will have an instant, calming effect on your child. They’ll feel light and carefree and sometimes have a warm feeling in their tummy and a tingle in their hands and feet.

The best bit is that your child is completely conscious throughout the treatment. That means they’ll recover quickly, sometimes without even realising the dental work has taken place.

Is happy gas safe for children?

Yes. The gas is completely safe for children and once the treatment has finished the effects wear off quickly.

We use happy gas for children who are too anxious to have treatment without the aid of additional support, although not all children are suitable.

We’ll assess your child before booking the treatment and chat to you about the best way to approach it. It may be that your child is happy to pop the headphones on and watch Paw Patrol on Netflix or snuggle up under their favourite blanket instead.

We’ll also check that your child is happy to wear the nosepiece (we call it a Space Mask) before starting as they’ll need to wear the mask for the duration of the treatment.

In rare cases children are too nervous to have treatment even with the happy gas. If the treatment doesn’t work don’t be disappointed, we’ll try everything we can before we decide not to proceed with treatment.

Has it worked for other children?

Yes, we’ve successfully treated lots of children who were really nervous about having Dental work. Our Little Patients are always relaxed after treatment and happy to chat to us; one even told us they’d been to the Moon for a trip!

If your child needs dental work it’s important we get them treated before the pain becomes unbearable or they need hospital work. Happy gas is a great ‘in-between’ solution that we can do in the comfort of the Practice with our experienced, friendly team.

Don’t forget, we also have Dogtor Bruce the therapy dog on standby to give nervous patients a helping paw, and a treasure box full of fun gifts.

Can parents or carers stay in the room while my child has happy gas treatment?

Of course! Anyone your child feels comfortable with is welcome to stay in the room.

We only ask that you sit quietly holding your child’s hand or stroking their hair. It’s easier if they only hear the voice of the Dentist working with your child so they know which instructions to follow. It also shows that you trust the Dentist, which is really important to make your child feel safe.

We’ve got lots of experience of working with children and if we need you to intervene at any point, we’ll let you know.

Kids are really perceptive and can pick up on adult nerves really easily.

If you’re feeling nervous about the treatment, which is completely normal, maybe ask a close friend or family member to join your child in the treatment room. You’re more than welcome to sit in the patient lounge in case you’re needed. We’ve found this the best way to keep the experience calm and relaxing.

We’ve tried 3 other dentists before coming here, can my child still have happy gas?

Of course, getting your child the dental treatment they need is always our main priority.

Before booking any treatment we’ll talk through your past experiences and the best options for you and your child. The treatment may not be possible if your child has had too many negative experiences. Don’t worry though, there are a lot of options to try before we get give up!

If happy gas doesn’t work your child can have heavier sedation, we’ll talk you through all the options during our first meeting.

Can my child eat before they have happy gas?

Yes, your child can have a light snack such as fruit or toast up to 2 hours before the treatment starts. We don’t recommend eating in the 2 hours before treatment as the gas can make some children feel sick.

How do we prepare for the visit?

It’s really important to keep your child calm and relaxed before they come in. You don’t need to keep talking about the treatment if they’re not thinking about it as they can often pick up on nerves from parents.

Try to answer all their questions without using words like ‘hurt’ and ‘pain’ and remember, it’s OK for your child to be nervous. It’s our job to reassure them.

Before the treatment day we’ll give you a list of phrases to help you explain the treatment and what you should expect on the day.

What happens after the happy gas treatment?

After the happy gas your child will probably feel tired and some children may feel a bit sick. These feelings will fade away fairly quickly, although we don’t recommend they go back to school for the rest of the day. Your child might be a bit foggy and forgetful, so be patient with them!

Your child’s mouth may also still be numb as we always numb the area we’re working on even when using happy gas. It’s best they avoid playing with their lips and mouth until the numbness wears off so they don’t accidentally hurt themselves. They should also avoid food until they can feel their mouth again properly and have plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

You might find that your child is sensitive to hot and cold foods for up to 3 weeks after treatment. This is perfectly normal.

If you have any questions following the treatment don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’re always here for you.

How do I pay for the happy gas treatment?

We’ll talk you through the fees for the treatment during our consultation. If you have private health we can swipe your card to see if you’re entitled to a rebate. We can also call your health care provider on your behalf.

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule does not cover happy gas for children.

How do I book my child in for happy gas treatment?

The first thing we’ll do is book a relaxed consultation with you and your child to check that they need happy gas and that they’re suitable for the treatment.

We’ll introduce you to the team, chat about the dental work we need to do and your previous experience at the Dentist. We will have a look at your child’s teeth and may take some x-rays.

Once we’re happy that the happy gas treatment can go ahead we’ll book you in for treatment.

You can contact the team anytime on 5623 5588 to book an appointment, or drop in and see us at 49 Victoria Street, Warragul.

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