Invisalign braces – the key to your (secret) straight smile

Do you want beautiful, straight teeth but don’t want everyone to know you’re wearing braces? Let us introduce you to Invisalign braces. So discreet that no one will know you’re wearing them.

Warragul Dental Care has a secret weapon in the ongoing search for the perfect smile – Invisalign braces. They’re made from virtually invisible plastic so no one will know you’re wearing braces and unlike the traditional version, you can take them out whenever your teeth fancy some ‘me’ time. The braces, or ‘aligners’, are discreet, comfortable to wear and incredibly effective.

With not a brace, bracket or wire in sight you’ll be amazed at how far technology has come.

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Here are our top ‘hurrah’ factors when it comes to Invisalign braces:

  • They’re so discreet no one will know you’re wearing them
  • They’re comfortable to wear, like an old pair of slippers but more hygienic
  • No metal wires or brackets
  • Fewer dental appointments = more time for you
  • Fully removable for special occasions (hot date, wedding, birthday party)
  • Easy to clean
  • You can eat, brush and floss as normal
  • You can eat whatever you like
  • Celebrities use them. It’s true! Google it.

What are they?

Invisalign braces are plastic moulds, called ‘aligners’, that sit comfortably over your teeth. The aligners are made using 3-D computer imaging, which means no messy moulds and a near-perfect fit on your teeth. They’re easy to put in and take out and come with a handy little case to store them in. Over the course of your treatment you’ll go through multiple sets of aligners as your teeth move into their new position.

Fitting your braces

When you come to Warragul Dental Care for your first appointment we’ll take photos, X-rays and digital scans to create your treatment plan. This process is completely painless and doesn’t require any mucky gloop or moulds.

We’ll then send all your personalised ‘mouth data’ away to an Invisalign laboratory where a clever computer will create a 3-D treatment plan to show the current position of your teeth, how they will move over time and the estimated length of your treatment.

Next, the Invisalign team will make your set of customised aligners. You’ll usually be given 3-4 sets of aligners at a time. You’ll need to wear an aligner every day and change to the next aligner every 2 weeks. This can all be done at home, saving you time on multiple dental appointments.

Once treatment is complete you’ll need to wear retainers to maintain the position of your new smile. We’ll assess this once treatment is complete.

Your everyday life with Invisalign braces

Once we give you your 3-4 sets of aligners we’ll say our sweet goodbyes and probably won’t see you again for 6 weeks. You just need to change your aligner every 2 weeks and let the braces work their magic. The great thing about Invisalign is that they’re completely removable so you can eat, floss, brush, exercise, drink coffee, eat popcorn – pretty much do everything – the same as normal. This will help keep your teeth, and the aligners, clean and hygienic.

After 6 weeks you’ll come back for a visit so we can check how your teeth are moving and get your next set of aligners.

How long do they take to work?

The total treatment time will vary from patient to patient but you can expect the process to take 3-24 months, during this time you’ll use between 7-50 custom-fit aligners. You’ll need to visit the Dentist every 6-8 weeks to check on your progress and to receive your next set of aligners. While it’s tempting to take the braces out in the day, you’ll need to wear them everyday to complete treatment in the shortest amount of time.

Invisalign braces – the benefits

While traditional braces are still a great option there are some clear advantages to choosing Invisalign braces:

  • Invisible braces. The aligners are made from clear plastic meaning they’re virtually invisible when you’re wearing them. Unless you tell people, no one will know you’re wearing braces.
  • More comfortable. Your teeth move gradually using the aligners meaning it’s more comfortable than traditional braces. There’s also no metal or wires to make your mouth sore.
  • Fewer trips to the Dentist. While we love seeing you, we also love giving you your time back. Each appointment will be a quick check on progress, rather than an adjustment of metal brackets and wires. Quick and easy!
  • Quick results. You may start to see results from the first month of treatment, and because the braces are clear everyone will be able to see the new position of your teeth but have no idea how they got to look so darn good. Sneaky.
  • Eat what you want! You’ll remove your aligners to eat so nothing is off the menu. If you want to chew gum or nibble on corn on the cob, be our guest.
  • We can access your teeth. Because you can easily remove the braces we can still get to your teeth for routine cleans and x-rays.
  • You can access your teeth. So you can get in there with your electric toothbrush and floss and keep them in tip-top condition throughout treatment. Cos you floss every day, right?
  • You can go brace-free when you want. If you’ve got a wedding, special occasion or date coming up, just pop your braces out for the night and let your teeth do their thang.
  • Suitable for an active lifestyle. Whether you’re into footy, rock climbing or jousting – Invisalign braces won’t hold you back.

Are Invisalign braces suitable for everyone?

While Invisalign braces can transform most smiles they’re not suitable for everyone. We assess each smile on an individual basis so we always advise you to pop in to speak to one of the team.

Here’s an example of problems Invisalign braces can fix:

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth or gaps in teeth
  • Crossbite – where the upper and lower jaw don’t align
  • Overbite – where the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth
  • Underbite – where the lower teeth protrude out past the upper teeth

While they work in most cases we may come across a special smile where traditional braces are more suitable. We offer free consultations to check your teeth and let you know if you’re suitable for Invisalign braces.

How much do Invisalign braces cost?

The cost will vary from person to person. It depends on the current position of your teeth and how long your treatment takes. The fee is usually between $3000 and $8000. For more details you can make an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation with our Invisalign Clinician.

Oh, and did you know…

We also offer a range of payment options to suit you. If you’d like to discuss these at any time just call one of the team on 5623 5588.

If you want to know more about Invisalign call us on (03) 5623 5588 or pop in to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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