Dental implants

Dental implants for a natural smile

Having a missing tooth or teeth can really affect how you smile, speak and chomp into your food. It can also affect your confidence, especially if there’s a big event coming up that needs a mega-watt smile. That’s where we can help.

Whether it’s replacing a single tooth or a full mouth of teeth, we can give you a super-strong, long-term dazzling smile.

A dental implant is the closest thing possible to a brand-new tooth. While we always work with your natural teeth where possible, for some patients a dental implant is the only option to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Once the implant is fitted your new tooth will look, feel and act like all your other natural teeth. That means you can laugh, sneeze and chew to your heart’s content with not a worry in the world.

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How does it work?

Dental implants are pretty amazing things. The term ‘dental implant’ actually refers to the pure titanium fixture that is integrated into your jawbone – the bit where the root of your tooth would normally live. The implant doesn’t rely on the teeth that are already in your mouth, so it doesn’t add any stress or load to existing teeth. It acts like an anchor for your new tooth and is incredibly strong.

Once the implant has been securely integrated into your jaw, we custom fit a crown, bridge or set of dentures on top. The colour and shape of the new tooth will match your natural teeth perfectly, so no one will ever know you’ve had an implant.


How long will the implant last?

Love your implant and your implant will love you back! A well-looked after implant will last for decades.

The trick is to treat your new implant like any other tooth – that means regular cleaning, flossing and trips to the Dentist and hygiene team for some TLC.

If you don’t care for your implant it can suffer from the same problems you can have with any other tooth – gum disease, gum infection, bleeding and soreness. If your tooth is healthy and your bone is strong then your implant has the best chance of lasting for a really long time. We’ll talk to you about all this at your appointment and explain how to keep it as clean as possible as it may need some special care depending on its position.

How long does the treatment take and what should I expect?

It all starts with a free consultation to chat about what you’d like. At the appointment, we’ll give you an idea of the fees and what treatment is best for you. We won’t fiddle in your mouth at this stage.

The most important part of implant treatment is the planning. Put it this way – you wouldn’t build a house without surveying the land and making sure that it was solid enough to build on! It’s the same with implants. It’s important that we check your mouth and bone are firm enough to receive the implants before starting any treatment.

We’ll ask you to have a special 3D bone scan and take measurements of your teeth and mouth. When we have all the data, we’lll see you again to talk about the treatment you need, how many appointments the treatment will take and your total fee.

We start the treatment by placing the implants in your mouth. Once this has been done you can go straight home and carry on as normal. We then wait for the implants to fuse to your bone before building the teeth on top of them.

We usually wait around 3 months before fitting your teeth on top of your implants to allow your bone to fuse with the implant making it nice and strong. The timing will change for everyone so we’ll assess this as we go along. If you already have dentures you can continue to wear them as normal while we wait for the implant to settle into its new home.

Once your implant looks strong and happy, we’ll call you in for a second appointment to complete the treatment and fix your new teeth into position. This process can take a few appointments depending on whether you’re having a single or multiple teeth.

After that you just need to keep up with your regular appointments and keep your new implant safe, clean and healthy.

Are dental implants safe?

Yes – at Warragul Dental Care they most definitely are!

Dental implants are a really complicated skill, that’s why we’ve invested in additional training for the team to make sure we give you the very best. Dr Anand’s advanced training ensures you get safe, comfortable and long-lasting implants.

What's the fee for implant treatment?

The fee investment for dental implants varies depending on how many teeth and how many implants are placed, as well as the condition of your bone to start with. The fee for a single tooth starts from $4000. We have a great range of payment options to make the fee more manageable.

Is it suitable for anyone?

If the bone in your mouth isn’t strong or healthy enough to hold an implant you won’t be able to have the treatment, but don’t worry, we’ll chat about all this at your free consultation. We might also arrange for some tests to check the health of your mouth. We won’t proceed with any treatment until we’re 100% sure you’re ready for it. If you can’t have a dental implant we’ll explain all the alternative treatments available to suit your mouth.


Payment options

Investing in dental treatment can add up – that’s why we offer a great range of payment plans to help you spread the fee over a number of months. For more information you can head to our payment page or call one of the team on 5623 5588.

Time to fill the gap. What's next?

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