How to access FREE Dental care for your kids

Kids eh? They certainly can cost us a bit over the years! But the good news is that when it comes to caring for their teeth, you may be eligible for free dental care. Eligible families can receive up to $1000 free dental care over two consecutive years.

The means-tested benefit came into effect on 1st January 2014. Under the schedule, children aged between 2 and 17 years who are in a family that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A, or a relevant Government payment, are entitled to a wide range of basic dental services.

These include dental assessments, cleaning and scaling, digital X-rays, fillings, fissure sealing and extractions. It doesn’t cover orthodontic or cosmetic services.

If you’re eligible you’ll receive written notification from the Australian Government either by post or electronically. The Government routinely check throughout the year to determine newly eligible children.

The team at Warragul Dental Care will check your eligibility before we start any treatment, or you can call us anytime before you make an appointment to check.

The free children’s dental scheme is currently under threat of being axed.

The government is currently considering axing the child dental benefits scheme in this year’s budget. If you’re currently eligible to receive these benefits we recommend booking in right away before it is too late for your child to get the dental care they need.

Call one of the team today on T: 5623 5588 to check your eligibility and make an appointment.

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