Same day crowns to save you time

Our CEREC machine is the latest technology in crowns. It makes crowns in just one appointment, which gives you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Dentistry is always upping its game, and here at Warragul Dental Care we’ve got our fingers on the pulse to keep up with all the latest technology. When it comes to crowns we knew we had to make a change. The old process was so long and took up your valuable time with multiple appointments and a long wait while your crown was being made. Our CEREC technology changes all that – we now make crowns in one appointment. This incredibly precise machine takes a 3D image of your teeth, sends it to a machine and creates your new crown in minutes.

Just one appointment, one fitting, one injection – and oodles of time saved to do all the things you love.

Introducing the CEREC machine

We love getting the latest technology at Warragul Dental Care, so we’re really excited to welcome the CEREC (pronounced ‘Se-rak’) machine to our practice. We’re not going to lie, it was a big investment, but wow! You should see the things it can do.

The CEREC machine can make tooth crowns (also know as a tooth ‘cap’) in one appointment. In fact, they’re usually made within one hour. That means you’ll only need one appointment, one injection and no temporary crown or weeks of waiting.

When it comes to crowns, this is the most up-to-date technology available in dentistry. We give all our patients the same, or better treatment than is available in the City, and we’re really proud to be the only dentist in the area to offer this technology.

So how does it all work?

The procedure for a one-visit crown is really simple. To start we’ll use a special camera to take a scan of your mouth (no messy moulds needed!). This will give us a 3D image showing the landscape of your teeth and mouth. The data is then sent to a computer and the shape of your crown is custom tweaked to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

The computer than passes the information to a machine that accurately mills your custom-fit crown from a single piece of ceramic. Once it’s been milled we’ll check it over and bond it to your tooth. It’s incredibly precise and, in most cases, will fit like a dream. If it needs any tweaking we can do it there and then so you won’t have to book more appointments or come back another day.

And while you wait for your crown…

Relax and unwind in our comfortable patient lounge. The crown takes less than an hour to make then we’ll call you back in for the fitting. That gives you plenty of time to grab a magazine and glass of water, or just gaze at our holiday pictures lining the walls. During your treatment we’ve got a great selection of comfort features to choose from, including a warm blanket, eye mask, or headphones playing your favourite tunes.

Traditional vs CEREC crowns

Here are a few reminders of how traditional crowns worked:

At least two appointments
Or more if the crown needed adjusting after it was fitted, and we know how time-consuming and fiddly it is to find the time for appointments.

Two anaesthetic injections
One at each appointment. (We don’t know anyone who likes injections so the fewer the better in our book).

Messy impressions
Uncomfortable impressions that left a lot of gloop everywhere

The wait
Weeks of waiting for your crown to be made.

The temporary crown
A temporary solution while your crown was being made. The ‘stand-in’ crown needed a lot of TLC and could cause more problems if it wasn’t looked after properly, which means more appointments and time wasted.

Compared to the CEREC crown:

One appointment
That’s it. Just one appointment at a time that suits you. The crown is made and fitted in the same day. Most treatments are completed within two hours.

Only one injection
This technology cuts your injection requirements by half! We’ll just need one injection to fit your crown. Don’t forget – you can make the most of our comfort options (neck pillow, warm blanket, personal music) to make it all a bit dreamier.

No temporary crown needed
Temporary crowns are delicate creatures and take a lot of care. With no need for a temporary crown it means less chance of additional problems that can cost time and money. It also means you won’t have weeks of sensitivity and discomfort while you’re waiting for your new crown to be made.

More precision
The CEREC technology is incredibly advanced. It uses a small 3D camera to get a precise scan of your teeth so your crown will fit perfectly.

No mushy foods!
Because we can fit your crown straight away, it means you can resume normal eating habits the second you leave. No need to liquidise your meals!

How much does a same-day crown cost?

We know what you’re thinking – this sounds expensive, but in fact it’s the same fee as a traditional crown. The fee may vary if there are any complications with your teeth that need tending to before making your crown so we always recommend coming in to chat to one of the team. Warragul Dental Care have a range of payment options including our payment plan which lets you break the fee up into weekly or monthly payments.

Drop in and see us

If you think you might need a crown or would like to chat to us about how it all works, just give us a call on (03) 5623 5588 or pop into 49 Victoria Street, Warragul to book an appointment.

Over to you.

Have you had any crowns recently? Or maybe you’ve already had your crown in a day – how did you find it? We’d love to hear from you.

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