Before and After: Ceramic Crowns to Fix a Dark Front Tooth

Join us for a peek behind the scenes at Dentélle in Warragul to see how Dr Anand used crowns to whiten a dark front tooth for the lovely Brigitte

Having a discoloured, or black front tooth is the single most difficult cosmetic problem to fix. If you’ve had root canal treatment or knocked your teeth in an accident it’s quite common to experience a dark front tooth, and fixing it is a highly skilled area of dentistry.

Luckily, we have Dr Anand at Dentélle with his precision dentistry and sharp eye for detail. Let us show you how Dr Anand used his artistic skills to custom-design two ceramic crowns to whiten Brigitte’s dark front teeth and create a seamless smile.

First of all, let’s meet the lovely Brigitte!

Hi Brigitte! Here she is before the smile transformation. Gorgeous hey?

Brigitte booked a Cosmetic Smile Consultation with us because she wasn’t happy with the dark front tooth. And because that pesky dark tooth was right at the front, it was affecting her confidence to smile, and no one should have to hide their smile!

The dark tooth was caused by root canal treatment that Brigitte had at another practice. After root canal treatment, the front tooth had been covered with a ceramic crown. Over time, however, the tooth had started to discolour which is a common problem with root canal treatment. The crown was also not the correct shape or size, which was making the problem worse. 

Step in Dentélle and Dr Anand…

Planning how to fix Brigitte’s dark front tooth  

Here’s what Dr Anand noticed when he examined Brigitte’s smile:

  1. The shade of Brigitte’s ceramic crown was wrong
  2. The crown wasn’t the right shape for Brigitte’s teeth, which meant her front teeth weren’t symmetrical

Brigitte wanted a seamless, straight smile that she could show off with confidence.

The journey to transform Brigitte’s dark front tooth to a stunning, white smile using ceramic crowns
  1. Bring in Chris *drum roll*

Chris is our master ceramicist. He works well with Dr Anand because they both have an incredible eye for detail (think Batman and Robin). Chris worked with Dr Anand to design the shape of Brigitte’s new teeth so that they matched Brigitte’s natural smile and corrected the asymmetry.

We took a set of digital photos from lots of different angles and a 3D scan of Brigitte’s teeth before whizzing them all over to Chris to review. 

Then Chris worked his magic to create a 3D design of Brigitte’s new teeth and how they’d look in her smile.

Starting the smile design process

2. Read, review, repeat!

Once Chris had sent his smile design over, Dr Anand sat down, poured some coffee and reviewed all the juicy details. This is where the real nitty gritty began. 

Chris and Dr Anand jumped on a Zoom call to discuss the design, check the details and make all the teeny, tiny, technical tweaks. This stage continued until Chris and Dr Anand were happy that Brigitte’s smile was JUST right. Perfect. The cat’s whiskers. Flawless. 

You get the idea. 

Getting the smile design just right

3. Many shades of white  

The next stage of fixing Brigitte’s dark front tooth was making sure the shade of the new ceramic crown was 100% right. 

Matching the shade of a ceramic to an existing set of teeth is the most difficult result to achieve with ceramic work. But of course, we have Dr Anand and Chris, so perfection is pretty much guaranteed. 

Dr Anand had a video consultation with Chris, our amazing master ceramicist to select the correct shade. 

This was more than choosing a shade of white from Bunnings. It was about understanding the delicate nuances of Brigitte’s smile, for example, white spots or translucent areas that needed to be created by hand to perfectly match her smile. No stone was left unturned in the search for the right shade of white. 

At Dentélle, every crown is custom-made and hand finished. There are no ‘off the shelf’ teeth here. We work closely with Chris to give you perfectly natural-looking teeth every time. 

4. Brigitte went for a test drive 

Chris sent Dr Anand a 3D printed prototype of Brigitte’s new smile (we know, so techy but SO cool). 

Then we invited Brigitte into our lovely clinic, re-shaped her teeth ready for her new crowns and took her new ‘test’ ceramics for a test drive so she could preview her new smile. 

It was love at first bite. 

Taking her temporary teeth for a test drive

5. Custom-making Brigitte’s new front teeth 

Once the prototypes were test-driven and approved, it was time for Dr Anand to give the nod to Chris and away he went to make the new front teeth for Brigitte. 

Brigitte had two custom-designed ceramic crowns to give a stunning finish to her front teeth.

The great thing is that Brigitte wasn’t getting any surprises. Because Brigitte had already tried the prototype teeth she knew they looked fantastic, so she could sit back and relax. 

This is a key to a smooth and fun smile transformation (cos there’s enough to worry about in life already, right?). 

6. The BIG Reveal

The last step of this journey was bonding the new ceramic crowns to Brigitte’s newly- straightened front teeth. And OH MY GOODNESS. What a ‘ta-dah’ moment! 

This smile is just fabulous. We loved checking every tiny detail to make sure it was the right smile for Brigitte. 

Shine bright Brigitte! 

From a dark tooth into the light

Are you wondering how to fix a dark, dead or black front tooth? Creating the perfect finish for your front teeth is a really technical skill but you’re in safe hands with Dr Anand and the experienced team at Dentélle, Warragul. We go above and beyond to find the perfect finish for your smile. 

To book your Cosmetic Smile Consultation, you can call the Dentélle  smile team on 5623 5588, hop online to contact the team or read more about Invisalign or our cosmetic dentist services at Dentélle . 

We can’t wait to see you!

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