The difference between Invisalign and traditional braces

If you’re wondering what the difference is between Invisalign and traditional braces (as well as all the juicy details about how they work), read on, my friend.

Have you seen all the choices out there for braces at the moment? It’s hard to know the right braces for you and your lifestyle. And they all have a different look, feel, price tag – so how do you know which works the fastest, and which is right for you?

While Invisalign and traditional braces do the same job (straightening your teeth) the main difference is how they look. Invisalign are clear aligners that can be easily removed for cleaning and playing sports, whereas traditional braces are fixed into position throughout your treatment and cannot be removed. 

At Warragul Dental Care we offer Invisalign braces and the traditional wire and bracket braces. The main differences come down to aesthetics, timeframes and whether you have any significant underlying bite problems.

Some people just want a beautiful smile for their daughter’s wedding day, other people struggle to eat and will need more corrective work. Everyone is different, which is why we offer Cosmetic Smile Consultations to let us chat about your needs and figure out what suits you and your lifestyle.

Here’s some information about the difference between Invisalign and traditional braces:

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are fantastic if you want straight teeth but don’t want everyone to know you’re wearing braces.

Invisalign are a set of virtually thin, invisible, clear aligners that slowly change the position of your teeth over time.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

The treatment time is between 3 and 24 months depending on the position of your teeth when you start treatment. If you miss any appointments or remove the aligners for a period of time, they may take longer. The great thing about Invisalign braces is that you’ll need fewer appointments. Once we have your custom aligners made you’ll take them home and change them yourself every 2-3 weeks.

How do they feel?

The aligners are really comfortable to wear with no sharp bits or wire. They slip over your teeth like a comfy pair of slippers. You may experience some discomfort when you change to a new set of aligners as your teeth will be shifting around, but this should pass after 2-3 days.

How do I keep my teeth clean?

Here’s the really clever bit…you just take them out!

Invisalign braces are completely removable so you can brush your teeth as normal and keep your teeth sparkling clean throughout your treatment. Just remember to keep booking your regular 6 monthly dental appointments to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

How much do they cost?

The fee for Invisalign braces is anywhere between $2000 and $8,500.

The fee includes a professional clean before treatment, all your aligners, retainers, a post-treatment professional clean and bonus teeth whitening treatment. If you’re interested in Invisalign braces we’ve got loads of useful information about them that you might want to read

So, are they the ones for me?

Invisalign braces have loads of great benefits and are great for adults and teenagers.

Most people love them because they’re so discreet and can be removed for eating, playing sport and cleaning. The good news is Invisalign braces correct most dental problems, such as overcrowded teeth and gaps in teeth. As with all braces though we’ll have to check your teeth before we recommend treatment as they won’t suit everyone.

If you’re looking for a stylish, invisible alternative to traditional braces that won’t impact on your day-to-day life, this is it.

Even Oprah wears them.

Traditional braces (brackets and wires)

These are the grand-daddy of braces. Some call them old school but we call them Too Cool for Skool.

Traditional ‘bracket and wire’, or ‘fitted’ braces are the braces we all remember from childhood, and there’s a reason these bad boys have stood the test of time – and that’s because they work.

How long will they take?

Treatment time is between 12 and 36 months depending on how much we need to move your teeth. You’ll need to pop in for a visit every 4-8 weeks to get your braces adjusted and check everything is on track. If you miss an appointment the treatment time may take longer.

How do traditional braces feel?

Most of the time you’ll have very little discomfort and they’ll barely impact your life. They may pinch when they’re tightened and you might occasionally find they catch on the insides of your mouth. If they’re making your mouth very sore you can come in for a small readjustment or try covering the area with wax.

How do I keep my teeth clean?

Good question, because these braces can be fiddly and you can’t take them out for cleaning.

First thing to know is that you must keep cleaning your teeth every day – fitted braces are not an excuse not to clean!

We recommend cleaning your teeth after every meal if possible to make sure you remove any food that’s caught in your braces (always keep a mirror handy!). Try angling your brush on a 45-degree angle so you can reach the gum line on the top and bottom, and use a fluoride rinse to get everything sparkling clean. We recommend adults help children with cleaning around braces to make sure the teeth and gums stay in good condition throughout treatment.

But hey! Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through all this when you have your braces fitted and we’ll keep an eye on you when you pop in for your regular 6-month appointments.

How much do they cost?

The fee for traditional braces is around $6000 – $8500, which includes the whole she-bang: a professional clean before treatment, your braces, appointments, adjustments, retainers, a post-treatment professional clean and a bonus teeth whitening treatment.

So are they the ones for you?

If you’re under the age of 12, yes. We almost exclusively recommend comprehensive braces for children. This is a great age to get the teeth into the right position and getting it right at a young age means fewer problems as you get older.

If you’re an adult we use traditional braces to correct more serious bite issues and get your teeth in the best position possible. If we need to move your teeth a lot, or you’ve required surgery before or during treatment, these will be the braces for you. Traditional braces offer the best opportunity to get your teeth doing what they should be doing – chomping, eating, smiling and causing no pain!

Brace yourself! We’ve got a few more important things to share

What happens when Invisalign or braces come off?

If you want to keep your beautiful straight smile you’ll need to continue wearing a retainer once your treatment is complete – this is the same whether you choose Invisalign, traditional or short-term braces.

We recommend wearing your clear retainer night and day for the first 6 months, then only at night for the following 6 months. After that we suggest wearing the retainer for at least 3 nights a week forever, or for as long as you want to keep your teeth in their new position.

Your teeth are more likely to shift if you’re used short-term braces as this option doesn’t move all the teeth into the best position, just the front ones.

I’m ready! What’s the process?

Great news! First thing is to give us a call and book in for a smile consultation!

We’ll talk you through the options and see which one is right for your teeth and lifestyle. After that we’ll book you in for a records appointment to take photos, measurements, impressions and x-rays. This is the information-gathering stage where we see how much work your teeth need and the best treatment for you. There is a fee of $300 for this appointment.

After that we’ll carefully assess your records and after 2-3 weeks we’ll present you with your treatment plan options and all the associated fees and timescales. Then once you hit the green button it’s time to put the braces on and let the transformation begin.

Payment plans

We offer a great ranges of flexible payment plans to help cover the fees for braces. The plans help you split the fee into manageable monthly payments and some plans are interest-free. If you’d like more information just call and speak to one of the team today.

Time for some straight talking

Still wondering about Invisalign and braces?

The best thing to do is to come in and see us! Call us today to book your smile consultation where we’ll talk you through all the options and see what will work best for you.

Call us on 5623 5588 or drop in to see one of our friendly team at 49 Victoria Street, Warragul. Promise we don’t bite.

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