Happy gas for nervous patients

We know sometimes you don’t want to come and visit us, and we promise – we don’t take it personally. We treat a lot of nervous patients, including those with a phobia about dental treatment. That’s why we offer our Warragul and Gippsland patients the option of happy gas, to help you drift away and forget your worries

A fear of the dentist is surprisingly common and while we can’t take away your anxiety, we do have solutions to get the dental treatment you need. At Warragul Dental Care, you can request nitrous oxide, or happy gas, to relax your nerves and make dental treatment feel like a walk in the park.

We’ve treated a lot of nervous patients over the years and are confident our friendly team can help you get the treatment you need. If you’re putting off vital dental treatment just give us a call today – we promise you’re in safe hands.

What is happy gas?

Happy gas is actually ‘nitrous oxide’, a colourless, odourless gas that has sedative effects. And yes – it is the same gas they give to women in labour! We mix the happy gas with oxygen to ‘water it down’, or make it a bit stronger depending on what you need.

How is happy gas administered?

When you have happy gas at Warragul Dental Care, our friendly team will put a mask over your mouth and nose and ask you to breathe deeply. It has no taste or smell so you won’t even notice it going in but after 2-3 minutes you’ll start to feel the relaxing effects.

We continually assess how you’re feeling and adjust the dosage to make you as comfortable as possible.

Once the treatment has finished, we remove the mask and you’ll just continue breathing normally. The effects usually completely disappear within 5-10 minutes.

Our team will be by your side throughout the treatment to check that you’re feeling calm and happy.

How does happy gas feel during the dental treatment? Will it still hurt?

Happy gas is a sedative. The combined effect means you shouldn’t feel any pain during the treatment although you may feel some movement in your mouth as the Dentist performs the treatment.

During the procedure you’ll feel completely relaxed and may have some pleasant thoughts and dreams. Some patients float away to the beach or you might feel so relaxed you can’t remember much afterwards.

The happy gas can make you feel light-headed, euphoric, sleepy and give you a sensation of floating. These are all completely normal and will disappear once the gas is removed.

Can anyone have happy gas treatment?

Yes, we’re able to treat most adults with happy gas. We don’t recommend happy gas for patients who are pregnant, have difficulty breathing through their nose or who have a diagnosed psychiatric condition. We don’t offer happy gas for children, you must be 18 years or over.

What do I need to do before my happy gas appointment?

Absolutely nothing! You just eat and drink normally then turn up. If you have any questions before your appointment, or need 5 minutes to sit and have a glass of water, just show up a little earlier and we can have a chat with you and help you settle.

Can I go back to work and drive a car after I’ve had happy gas?

Yes, the effects of the happy gas wear off quickly meaning you can resume your normal life within 30 minutes of your treatment. We’ll ask you to wait in the Practice until we’re sure the nitrous oxide has completely gone, then you’re free to go.

How do I book an appointment at Warragul Dental Care?

To make an appointment just call our friendly team on 5623 5588 and explain that you’d like to use happy gas during your treatment.

We’ll usually invite you in for an assessment before your dental appointment just to make sure you’re suitable for happy gas. Then it’s time to drift away….

If you’re a nervous patient, head to our ‘comforts’ page to read about how we treat our nervous patients with IV sedation, Dogtor Bruce our therapy dog, Netflix and blankets.

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