Are Invisalign or Braces best for your darling teenager? Five things you need to know

Parents naturally think of fixed braces for their kids and teenagers cos that’s what WE had, right? But times they are a-changing, and with it comes the arrival of Invisalign clear aligners. Most parents don’t realise that Invisalign aligners (the clear removable aligners that sit over your teeth) are brilliant for teenagers.

So, when it comes to Invisalign or fixed braces, which is best for your teenager?

Here are the five things you need to know about Invisalign and fixed braces for your darling teenager:

1.The fee for Invisalign and fixed braces is around the same

We’re going to guess that your teenager isn’t forking out for their dental care, so let’s get the elephant out of the room and be upfront about the fees so you can budget or look into payment plans.

While Invisalign uses the most advanced technology and offers oodles of great features (which we’ll come onto soon), you can expect the fee for Invisalign and fixed braces to be around the same. We’ll be able to give you a more accurate fee at your Cosmetic Smile Consultation with our experienced team.

2. The results from Invisalign and fixed braces are both outstanding

Lots of parents trust the old-skool fixed braces more than Invisalign, and we get it. Sometimes it’s better the devil you know.

But, the technology behind Invisalign braces is in-cred-ible, which means your teenager will be getting the same beautiful smile with Invisalign as they would with fixed braces (in non-complex cases).

In fact, sometimes invisalign can be MORE accurate due to the advanced 3D technology that goes into making your teenager’s custom aligners. You can even get a preview of your ‘after’ smile with Invisalign (we love this bit).

3. Invisalign are removable (a pro and a con!)

We love that Invisalign can be removed, however, it can be a plus and a negative for teens.

On the plus side, it means Invisalign can be easily removed for:

  • Playing sports
  • Playing instruments
  • Eating ANY foods
  • Hot dates
  • Cleaning teeth

On the flip side, it means the aligners can be left out and forgotten, which can increase treatment time. Eep!

This will all depend on the individual. Some younger teenagers might find fixed braces less hassle (simply put them on and forget about them), whereas we know older teenagers love the freedom and discreet look of invisalign.

Our experienced team can discuss all this with you at your Cosmetic Smile Consultation.

4. Virtual appointments

One of the biggest plus points with Invisalign is being able to book virtual appointments.

We use a tool called Dental Monitoring that allows you to send your smile updates from anywhere – at home, on holiday, at the beach, in Frankies. It’s brilliant because it means you’re not wasting time coming in for a visit or doing complicated head-maths trying to fit appointments around your busy diary.

Dental monitoring Scanbox_warragul Dental Care

With Dental Monitoring, our experienced team will review your teenager’s Invisalign progress using the image and notes that you send on the tool. We can even communicate with you using the app (‘helllooo, floss your teeth more please’). When your teenager is ready for their next set of Invisalign aligners, we’ll pop them in the post to you.

If your teenager has fixed braces, you’ll need to come into the practice for their regular checks with our Dental team. The plus side is, you get to see us.

5. Invisalign aligners are more WAY more discreet than fixed braces

You probably know what fixed braces look like.

Well, this is what Invisalign aligners look like:

Bec and Adriana wearing Invisalign aligners

Can you even see them? (They’re there, we promise!).

This is the aligner that actually sits over your teeth:

Invisalign aligners

It’s clear, shaped to your teeth and super-duper discreet. That’s why teenagers love wearing Invisalign! The aligners, quite literally, fit around their busy lifestyles and don’t make it obvious that they’re even having orthodontic treatment. Too easy.

Straight smiles…incoming!

If you’re still wondering whether Invisalign or braces are the best option for your teenager, simply get in touch with our experienced team today. We’ll book you and your teenager in and chat about the best way to get their teeth straight, strong and looking fab-u-lous.

We can’t wait to see you!

Call our experienced team on 5623 5588 to get started today.

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