Teeth whitening for your wedding smile: how long does it take?

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular pre-wedding treatments, but what’s involved and how long does it take?

You’ve got the dress, the shoes, the flowers, the venue and the photographer. But what about your smile? In the age of social media and sneaky pics being snapped left, right and centre (we see you Aunty Jean), we’re finding that Brides, Grooms and wedding guests are all starting to think about teeth whitening to brighten up their wedding day smile. And why not? You deserve to look your best! Don’t leave it too late though. 

In this blog, we’ll look at:

  • How long pre-wedding teeth whitening treatment takes 
  • Why we check your teeth before whitening
  • Why we clean your teeth before whitening
  • Whether you can buy teeth whitening off-the-shelf 
  • The process of teeth whitening before your wedding 
  • Our teeth whitening packages at Warragul Dental Care 
Sandie used the Pola take-home whitening package for the perfect wedding smile
How long does teeth whitening take?

We’ll be honest, there’s more to teeth whitening than you think, which can affect how long your teeth whitening treatment can take. End-to-end teeth whitening treatment can take from two weeks to more than two months, depending on the health of your teeth and the type of treatment you choose. 

If you’re planning for a wedding, we suggest you book teeth whitening treatment at least two – three months in advance of your big day. 

If your teeth are fit and healthy, your teeth whitening journey can start as soon as we’ve completed a comprehensive check and clean of your teeth and gums. You might choose in-chair teeth whitening which will quickly dial up your brightness, or at-home teeth whitening, which will gradually whiten your teeth over two weeks. 

If we spot a few issues with your teeth, however, things can take a bit longer as we’ll need to fix your teeth before teeth whitening treatment can start. 

That’s why we recommend planning your pre-wedding teeth whitening at least two months in advance to be certain you’ll be all white on the night. 

Why do I need my teeth checked before teeth whitening?

In order to get your teeth as white and bright as possible, we only use the highest quality dental grade whitening gels. However, if you have holes in your teeth and the gel gets into your cavities then it could cause irreversible damage to your teeth. 

That’s why we thoroughly inspect your teeth to check that there are no cavities that the gel could get into. If you’ve got cavities damaging your teeth, then they need to be fixed anyway so that you don’t get any problems down the line. 

Why do I need my teeth cleaned before teeth whitening?

We’re not here to do half-measures, especially on your wedding day! We want your smile to look fan-tas-tic, so we’re here to give you the sparkliest, whitey-white smile you can imagine. 

The only way to achieve a whitey-white smile (*not a technical term) is by starting your teeth whitening with clean teeth. And not just ‘I brush-them-every-day’ clean, we mean deep clean. 

Otherwise, it’s like polishing a car that’s covered in mud. It just won’t work! 

That’s why we give you a thorough clean before starting your teeth whitening treatment. 

My wedding’s coming up, can’t I just buy teeth whitening off you now?

We know, we know! You’ve left it last minute and you want white teeth quickly in time for the wedding. 

We promise we’ll make it as easy as possible but no, you won’t be able to pop in between your trip to Coles and Bunnings and pick up teeth whitening over the counter at Warragul Dental Care. 

Top tip: we really don’t recommend buying teeth whitening gel from anywhere that doesn’t check your teeth either. 

At Warragul Dental Care, we use Pola teeth whitening treatment, which is a dental grade whitening gel. That means it can only be used at a Dentist and we need to make sure your teeth are strong enough to accept it safely.  

The plus side is that you’re getting a brilliant quality whitening gel that will make your teeth as white as they will go in the safest way possible – perfect for your upcoming wedding. Say cheese!

OK, so talk me through the process of pre-wedding teeth whitening

It’s really simple and it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it. Just look at the smiles on our Smile Gallery.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Book an appointment at least two – three months before the wedding. We’ll check the health of your teeth and give you a thorough clean.
  2. If we spot any issues, for example, holes in your teeth, we’ll book you in to get them fixed. This is where the hold-ups might happen. It can take a few weeks as we need your teeth to be fully healed before we apply the dental grade teeth whitening treatment.
  3. Once your teeth have a clean bill of health, you can choose your whitening package and away you go! 
What teeth whitening packages do you have for my wedding smile?

We have a range of different options for teeth whitening, including the Pola Pen for a quick and easy whitening top-up (great for closer to the big day) and take-home whitening packages which put you in control of the brightness of your smile. 

They’re all perfect for your wedding smile and will make a huge difference to your wedding pictures. Just think of the memories *happy smile*. 

You can read about the difference between in-chair and take-home whitening on our blog. 

Why choose Dentélle by Warragul Dental Care for my wedding teeth whitening?

We thought you’d never ask! 

Dentélle is part of Warragul Dental Care, and it’s where you go when you want to feel super, duper special. So, if you’re planning a wedding, this is the clinic you want to step into. 

You can breathe in the scented candles, enjoy the interesting artwork and admire the amazing coffee table (it really is stunning). Dentélle is about making you feel AMAZING. 

You’ll even get your own smile Concierge to walk you through your smile journey and answer all your questions. (We know, amazing hey?). 

And the best bit is, it’s the same great Warragul Dental Care team working on your smile. So you’ll know our smiley faces! 

What are you waiting for? Give the Dentélle team a call today, and book your teeth whitening treatment ready for your wedding smile. We can’t wait to see you sparkle. 

You can call Dentélle on 5623 5588, hop online to contact the team or read more about teeth whitening. 

That wedding is just waiting for your smile. 

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