How we make wisdom teeth removal feel pain-free

Wisdom teeth removal from your friendly Warragul Dentist

We know having your wisdom teeth removed isn’t much fun.
That’s why we’re here to make it comfortable and pain-free.

We offer a selection of comforts and sedation options to our patients from Warragul and Gippsland to make even the most difficult tooth extraction feel like a walk in the park. Our brilliant team will make you feel calm and relaxed during your wisdom tooth removal, so you’ll hardly know it’s happening.

Why we remove wisdom teeth

The truth is we’d prefer not to. Like all your other teeth, we’d like them to stay exactly where they are for as long as possible.

Sometimes that’s not possible though. In some cases wisdom teeth don’t grow through the gum properly, there might not be enough room in your mouth for them or they grow at an awkward angle.

This is called an ‘impacted wisdom tooth’. In many cases impacted teeth are fine to stay where they are and do their thing but when they start to cause ongoing problems it might be time for the two (or more!) of you to part ways.

The symptoms that mean wisdom teeth might need removing

Wisdom teeth can:

  • Leave the gum around the teeth infected
  • Give you pain and discomfort at the back of your mouth (behind your molars)
  • Redness and swelling
  • Make you feel generally unwell
  • Lead to possible tooth decay

None of the stuff you want from your teeth, right?

Do I really need wisdom teeth?

Annoyingly, no! But it seems we’re stuck with them for now.

Anthropologists suggest that wisdom teeth were to help our ancestors munch up their coarse diet of plants, leaves, nuts and meat. Our heads were a lot bigger back then so we had more room for extra teeth, although the first recorded impacted wisdom tooth was over 15,000 years ago!

They’re called ‘wisdom’ teeth as they’re the last teeth to appear when we’re wiser (eh-hem!).

Not all people have the same number of wisdom teeth and not everyone’s wisdom teeth will grow through the gumline. That’s why we take x-rays, so we can find the teeth that are hidden away and keep an eye on them to check they’re not moving in the wrong direction.

We make wisdom teeth extraction calm and easy

If we’ve recommended that you need a tooth, or teeth, removed then we’ll talk to you about booking an extraction. If you’re feeling a little unsure or are nervous about the treatment here are some options to help you stay cool and calm:

Happy gas

Happy gas, or nitrous oxide, is used to calm your nerves and make your feel floaty and completely relaxed during treatment. You’ll still be awake but you’ll be relaxed and happy during the treatment. Once we’ve finished you can leave the practice straight away and go back to your normal day. You can read more about happy gas here.

General Anaesthetic

We’re so happy to offer General Anaesthetic for our more nervous guests. Not only that, we can offer General Anaesthetic right here in our Warragul Clinic, so you can feel calm and relaxed from the minute your arrive. No need to go to hospital or another Clinic. Just come and see your usual friendly faces, have your treatment and head home to relax. We’ll give you lots of advice about what to expect with General Anaesthetic before your appointment, so you know what to expect.

We calm you with Netflix, blankets and a neck pillow

We have a treasure chest of comforts here at Warragul Dental Care and are happy to wrap you up in a warm blanket, pop some headphones on and see if the wonders of Netflix can help you float away. Sometimes it helps just not hearing the noise of the tools and we always have our incredible Dental Assistants standing nearby for a reassuring pat on the arm.

Dogtor Bruce will hold your paw

Bruce, our dental therapy dog, is an amazing help for nervous patients and immediately helps calm jangly nerves. He’ll meet you at the door when you arrive and stay with you throughout your appointment. You can read more about Bruce here.

Payment plans

We don’t want to add to your pain, that’s why we support a range of payment plans that let you break up payment for your treatment over a number of months.

The plans are quick and easy to join, fully flexible and let you get treatment straight away. You can read more about them on our payment plan page.

 Find out more about wisdom tooth removal at Warragul Dental Care

If you’d like us to take a look at a problematic wisdom tooth call the team on 5623 5588, come and see us at 49 Victoria Street, Warragul or head to our contact page and fill in the form.

You can also get chat with us online during business hours using our chat service. Just start typing and one of the team will be with you straight away. We can book appointments through this service too to save you picking up the phone.

Don’t put off treatment that can get you out of pain, give us a call today and see how we can help.

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